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In case you're wondering (ok, so you're probably not) I'm returning to LJ after a long long time away (apparently something like 8 months+) so I'm gonna be wiping icons etc when I get a chance and redoing credits etc. Though if you come here and see something of yours or you know who made it, please tell me coz I'd like to credit people properly particularly as I don't want to delete ALL of my icons.

Hello! from this lovely little country New Zealand. I'm Anna a.k.a Aulara. I'm 23 years old. I'm a complete movie addict and a complete geek. I'm childfree, not childless and I'm a very special person. I live with the love of my life, Richard.
.Stardust. .Pan's Labyrinth. .Pathfinder. .Silent Hill. .Spirited Away. .Crazy/Beautiful. .The Virgin Suicides. .Borat. .The Chronicles of Narnia. .POTC 3. .300. .My Neighbour Totoro. .Powder. .Hot Fuzz. .RENT. .Cry-Baby.
.Dogs. .Teh Intawebs. .Random Pictures. .Final Fantasy. .Glitter. .Anything Pink. .Ugg Boots. .Celebrity Gossip. .Random Asian Stores. .Lollies. .Veronica Mars. .Anime. .Auctions. .Epic Love. .Liv Tyler. .Johnny Depp. .Moogles. .Getting Mail. .The Beatles.

This part is for credits. If I've used something of yours, please tell me and I will credit you. Especially userpics because most of them were found via photobucket.

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I'm entertained by some pretty bizarre things so if you're one of those people like me who browses your friend's friends page, you may come across so strange, if not disturbing things. You have been warned. No I don't get off on disgusting stuff but I am considered rather morbid and also find pictures of the results of human stupidity interested to look at.
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