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16 September 2009 @ 03:14 pm
I'm sooooooo bored.
15 August 2009 @ 05:03 pm
This Journal is Friends Only. (mostly)
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24 July 2009 @ 06:17 pm
AHAHAH last night I got up at like, 2am to go toilet and as I climbed back into bed Richard turns to me and goes "who that for?" and Im like/.. buh? and he goes "who left?" .... wha? "there's room for 4 more now" .... ok. He didn't remember it this morning.

So it's been a few days and I guess I should update a tiny bit. It's really hard getting back into this LJ thing.

I finally got my Sims 2 game working again... before it was crashing everytime I entered buy mode and considering it takes an hour to load (due to the 70,000 pieces of custom content :p) it was a bit hard to test. Oh well... fun times to be had.

I watched a few movies lately. Like The Midnight Meat Train. It was... odd. Stupid. Different. Would not watch again, haha. But I will say it was nowhere near as bad as Laid to Rest. That had excellent makeup/fx but the director (who is makeup artist) should stick to what he knows. Crappy acting (by the directors wife nonetheless) and an even worse screenplay. Just another I would not watch again, haha.

Finally watched Transformers 2. I enjoyed it. Maybe not as much as the first one but it's definitely watchable. And sad. And then happy but yeah. It was good, I'll buy the dvd. And I watched Ice Age 3. Haha, it was great. Can't wait till that comes out on dvd.

I also watched a really bizarre movie called Martyrs. It's kind of stupid, good makeup etc but it really did feel like I'd wasted the time... not that I had anything better to be doing at that point.

And I watched Joy Ride 2. It was also stupid. What is the deal with all killers being invicible. Leaving an opening for another film. Would not watch again. Paul Walker is hot though sadly he wasnt in the sequel :(

This counts as an update right? Hopefully I'll be more interesting next time >.
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17 July 2009 @ 10:52 am
Wee so we went and watched Half Blood Prince on wednesday and it was great, haha. I loved it. Seriously.

May be spoilersCollapse )

Anyway, I can't wait until the DVD comes out, haha. This week I did get 3 new dvds - Cube, Silence of the Lambs and OMG The Goonies <3 haha, I havent seen it in years.

Lucas leaves today and I can't wait. He is seriously getting on my nerves -_- It's been good for Richard that he's here but yeah, it gets very old, very very fast. Like last night when Richard was going to take Lucy home (when she decided she wasn't talking to me). Richard was giving me a hug and didn't realise I was talking to him so he walked off outside to the car to see if there was any more groceries to bring in (Remember Richards deaf so it makes more sense haha) and I was like, for f*cks sake and Lucas was just like "Haha BYE" and slammed the door in my face. It pissed me off so much, it was so rude and ignorant. I mean seriously who the hell does that. And when we got in an argument and he said something about how he was gonna stay for two more weeks just to piss me off and I'm like "Uh no, you aren't welcome to" and hes like, "Ill ask Richard" Im like, wtf its not Richards house. o.O (We live with my parents since the move up here). Even my father has a problem with him and my father never has a problem with anyone being here o.O He's very... loud. And rude. And I sound nasty but the way I was brought up taught me that if you need to burp or fart, you ALWAYS excuse yourself and you also dont constantly yell swear words - particularly the c word - when you're a guest in someones house.

Not to mention putting Lucy and Lucas in the same room worked against me. It was so ... annoying. It was like being a lamb in a lions pit. They would both just get together and start attacking me about things... Richard, my birds (apparently everyone knows how to look after pet birds better than me... even though neither have or have had birds o.O). It got really annoying. ANd then they both acted like I was being unreasonable when I told them to go f*ck themselves. (And Sarah is not currently talking to me now).

But for gods sake, We went into town and shopping and stuff and they both just completely ignored me whenever I spoke or anything, it was like being invisible. And it pisses me off, not because I was in the mood for talking but because Lucy is meant to be my best friend and as soon as she decides she fancies a guy, suddenly its all about him and any loyalty to protect me pretty much goes out the window.

It's so tiring sometimes because everyone thinks they know all about Richards and my relationship. Everyone thinks they know better than we do and everyone thinks they can do better. Even though the two people who were offering their "advice" are failures of relationships. Not to mention the fact that if I wanted peoples advice/opinions I'd frikking ask.

Blergh. Rant over. Sorry >.<

Omg and I was going to post a picture. I forgot!

I got my fawn on World of Warcraft! haha. Soooooooo cute. (Reward for getting 75 vanity pets)
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10 July 2009 @ 09:52 pm
Blargh, so I'm sick. It's hard for me to get sick, I'm kind of a recluse and have little contact with *people*. But, thanks to Lucas, I am sick now. I've spent all day in bed and I feel like my head is filled with lead.

Lucas is Richard's best friend. He's up staying with us for two weeks. I'm glad he's here but damn him to hell if I die ;)

So.... anyone looking forward to Harry Potter? :P It comes out here next week btw :p I can't wait to see it ^^ I'm dragging Richard along even though the cinema offers zero facilities for deaf people.

I'm bored. But I'm too sick to actually go and do anything. I could be farming gold on WoW! I'm so poor because in the past week I've bought 5 pets for 1000g each... I'm trying to get an achievement where you get a fawn pet once you get 75 other pets. I'm now stuck on 74/75 >.< I have about 200g total across all my toons haha.

Anyway, just wanted to update a wee bit. ^^
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